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The Brains Behind Whimsy

Whimsy and Weathered is owned and designed by Jes Ward and Denise David! We are a mother and daughter combo with a love for design, pretty things, and Dolly Parton :)

Denise has always had an eye for impeccable taste and design and has a family heritage rich with artists, leather craftsman, and wood carvers. She's a whimsy girl with a Masters Degree in Public Administration who can run a skill saw or a chain saw, but don't ask her to play organized sports unless your really desperate. She is a dog lover and you will often find her in her home studio painting and watching Star Wars or sex in the city (weird combo?? 😉) She is a wizard with tools and has a specialty
In restructuring pieces and giving them new purpose. She has an vast background in construction and is the master when it comes to remodel and what a new build needs!

Jes's design work started from a young age as she would watch her mother design the most beautiful Christmas displays you had ever seen! To further her design expertise she was lucky enough to study fashion merchandising in Miami, FL. Jes had the chance to return home where she bought her first home, received her MBA, and runs her wedding and event company. You will often find Jes in her office working on wedding designs or over at Denise's planning their next fabulous display! Jes's specialty is in all things display! Everything from store displays to the ultimate (and often tricky) built-ins look. She loves detail and giving each project the special touch.

Combine all our love, passion, and expertise and you get the perfect pair!


Jes and Denise

The Duo: About
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